Lucy McGator Study

At CrocTalk Conservation and Rescue I study the ability of an American Alligator to respond to simple commands. Come, back, stay, stop, down, up and of course, no. Also their ability to seemingly create a bond and my observations that prove it. So much more. In this clip Lucy McGator who is about 500 lbs(ish) and almost 11′ long, also has a jaw bite pressure of about 1500 lbs PSI. Lucy will come out of the water as I instruct her to and will take any food out of my hand showing that they can actually make a conscious choice. Taking the small piece of meat rather than the big piece of meat (me) as they have practiced for some 200 Million Years. This shows us they actually use that cerebral cortex in their brain which gives them the ability to remember, choose, think and relate to events repetitively…enjoy

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